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Fresh and Saltwater fly fishing charters


Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial “fly” is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Casting a nearly weightless fly or “lure” requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting. Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates, other food organisms, or “lures” to provoke the fish to strike(bite at the lure).

Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water. North Americans usually distinguish freshwater fishing between cold-water species (trout, salmon, steelhead) and warm-water species, notably bass. In Britain, where natural water temperatures vary less, the distinction is between game fishing for trout and salmon versus coarse fishing for other species. Techniques for fly fishing differ with habitat (lakes and ponds, small streams, large rivers, bays and estuaries, and open ocean.)

Author Izaak Walton called fly fishing “The Contemplative Man’s Recreation”.

Freshwater river fishing will open again September 30th on Vancouver Island



Important Dates for fly fishing


  • Winter Steelhead (November.- May, usually Jan.- Mar.)
  • Summer Steelhead (May – Oct.)
  • Chinook (Aug. – Sept)
  • Coho (Sept. – Nov.)
  • Pink (July – Aug.)
  • Chum (Oct.- Nov.)
  • Dolly Varden
  • Rainbow Trout (All year, but limited to a few river systems or lakes.)
  • Brown Trout (All year, but limited to a few rivers systems or lakes.)
  • Sea Run Cutts (All year, but locating them can be a challenge without a guide.)


Guided Winter Steelhead Fishing on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is home to some of the best winter steelhead fishing in British Columbia. These Vancouver Island steelhead fishing trips focus on targeting steelhead on Vancouver Islands’ northern region, including the Nimpkish River, the Salmon River and a variety of others lesser known but equally impressive BC steelhead systems.

Hook’n Them Fishing Charters is pleased to offer guided Vancouver Island steelhead fishing packages that include fishing wild rivers and accommodations in Port McNeill. This is a great trip for serious anglers in search of a new British Columbia steelhead adventures!

Trips Include:  Full-days of guided fishing on either the Nimpkish River or other accessed rivers with a licensed guide. Accommodations and meals provided at our private Nimpkish Heights Lodge. Ground transportation from Port McNeill/Port Hardy. Fly-fishing equipment and Wading gear.  Not Included: GST Tax 5%. plus Guide gratuities. $395.00 per person Based on double occupancy.

4 nights/3 days Fishing Adventure & Accommodations

2 Anglers Per Person $1275.00 CDN P/P
3 Anglers Per Person $1075.00 CDN P/P
4 Anglers Per Person $975.00 CDN P/P


3 nights/2 days Fishing Adventure & Accommodations

2 Anglers Per Person $1075.00 CDN P/P
3 Anglers Per Person $975.00 CDN P/P
4 Anglers Per Person $875.00 CDN P/P


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