Fort McMurray Fishing Charters

Calling all Fort McMurray fishing and outdoor enthusiasts come join us on the North Coast of Vancouver Island Port McNeill King Coho Country & Port Hardy BC for our World Class Fully Guided Sports Fishing Season. Your Fort McMurray Fishing Charter Getaway will not only include lots of fish but you will also have Private Executive style accommodations suitable for groups up to 4. Vacuum sealing and processing of your fish as well as meals by not only Master Guide Steven Cahill but Master Chef as well of 25 plus years. Book Now! 1-855-805-3474 for some of the best fishing the north coast has to offer.

Elevate Your Fishing Game on Vancouver Island

Fort McMurray fishing lovers, ever considered exchanging the boreal landscapes for the shimmering shores of Vancouver Island? With Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters, experience the pinnacle of marine angling. Whether it’s the chase of a majestic Chinook salmon or the joy of a fresh halibut, our charters guarantee a memorable journey.

Our experienced guides and tailored trips mean you can focus on the catch while we handle the details. Plus, Vancouver Island’s natural beauty adds magic to every trip.

Why opt for Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters?

Knowledgeable Skippers: We know where the fish are biting.

Tailored Journeys: From multi day long excursions to prolonged adventures.

Comprehensive Packages: Gear up and cast away without a worry.


So, Fort McMurray, when the call of the Pacific beckons, choose Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters on Vancouver Island. Set sail with us today.


From Boreal Beauty to Pacific Paradise


Attention Fort McMurray fishing community:

Fancy exchanging dense forests for the vast Pacific? Venture to Vancouver Island with Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters. Here, fishing isn’t just a sport—it’s an experience, with species like the Chinook salmon ready to give you a run for your money.

Our professional team ensures you’re at the right place at the right time, making every trip worthwhile. Plus, the island’s captivating beauty adds to your adventure.

Benefits of choosing Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters:

Prime Spots Guaranteed: With our experienced captains at the helm.

Design Your Adventure: From multi day trips to prolonged expeditions.

Gear Up with Ease: We’ve got all the essentials covered.


Fort McMurray, elevate your angling experiences with Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters on Vancouver Island. Contact us for information and booking options.

Complete fishing packages are available. You will be met at the airport in Port Hardy and brought to your Executive Style Vancouver Island Lodge. Your accommodations and meals will be provided this does not include alcohol. Your processing, boxing, and freezing of your catch are also included with your fish and stay getaway.

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We’re from Fort McMurray and love fishing, but what else can we do?

There are many wonderful, scenic trips and tours that you can take during your BC fishing getaway. BC is a hub of natural scenery; see the local wildlife, bears, whales, sea lions and otters… fun for the whole family! Some of the most popular local attractions while visiting are:

  • Whale watching cruises and bald eagle sightings ( Hook’n Them Up)
  • hiking trails through Vancouver Islands Rainforest
  • Cape Scott Provincial Park
  • Local Kwaikutl Indian handicrafts for sale
  • Golfing
  • Scenic beach walk
  • Local events – fishing derby
  • Local pubs
  • Numerous Restaurants
  • And Shopping for All
  • Whale Museum in Telegraph Cove
  • Umista Center Alert Bay

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What to bring on your Fishing Trip?

Tackle and Bait are supplied for all fishing trips. You can purchase Tidal Water Fishing Licenses locally or online at

The Pacific Ocean can be chilly in the mornings so dress in layers, and make sure you have rain-resistant clothing. Do not worry; if you do get cold the boat has a hardtop cabin to warm yourself. You will be starting early in the morning, so be prepared. Hot fresh coffee or tea and juice will be served as well as our very own farm fresh eggs for breakfast. We believe in quality as well as freshness in what we serve. You definitely will see there are no other businesses that compare to our service level on the North Island.

You will also want to bring your camera, sunglasses, rubber-soled footwear, and any personal items you would like to have.

Call Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters 1-855-805-3474

How do I get my fish home?

Our fishing packages include professionally packaged fish processing ready for your trip back to Fort McMurray  regardless whether you drive or fly. It is a 27 hr drive to our doorstep. If you fly we recommend Alaskan Airlines they offer companion rates and use of there freezer from the airport to your home destination. If you are driving with your own coolers please leave fish packed our way until you are across the border for identification purposes and please keep your Canadian fishing permit on you.