With everything going on in the world and the controversy over Farmed Salmon over Wild. Self caught over Commercially caught and purchased in a supermarket or fisherman’s warf if available in your area. Just how fresh is your fish and are you getting the best bang for your buck? Is it as fresh as you would like it to be or should be? You maybe able to purchase fresh fish at the warf if you live in an area where there is one and the fish may only be a day or so old kept on ice. But if not and your coming from a land locked rural area like my friend in the picture above your out of luck. You are held hostage by Retailers and Quota Holders and to be honest the quality you get is sub par. It’s been frozen or glazed they call it and then thawed and passed off as fresh when really that is not the case. Or they are telling you its wild Atlantic salmon and really it’s farmed because there is no commercial fishery for our wild east coast Atlantic Salmon. Just a farmed one. There are multiple reasons why people choose not to eat farmed fish. The fact that they are sprayed with bleach is one. The another is that they contribute to deasise and sea lice that are killing our Wild Pacific Salmon. Also the method of catching commercially and their effected by catch may cause an issue for some of you as well. For the folks at home that are educated on what, where and how there food is being caught. All I can say is you will never get a fresh product then a self caught guided or non guided if you prefer fishing trip. From #Boat to Plate. Your catch will only be hours old and then packaged and cared for the minute you return to shore by a guide such as myself. The owner of Hook’n Them Up Fishing Charters.

If you truly want value and the freshest product you can get then a guided fishing adventure is what you need to invest in. I am going to show you the latest prices from Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle these are USD Prices so if your coming to visit us from the USA its worth it even more.

Current PIKE PLACE MARKET value for previously  frozen wild King/Chinook Salmon Fillet is
$37.99 USD PER LB

Current PIKE PLACE MARKET value for previously  frozen Wild Halibut IS $ 29.99 USD PER LB

Current Pike Place Market  value for previously  frozen Wild Halibut Steaks  2LBS IS $ 59.98 USD PER LB

Current Pike Place Market  value for previously  frozen Wild Silver/Coho Salmon Fillets is $19.99 USD PER LB

Current Pike Place Market  value for fresh Wild Whole Silver/Coho Salmon is $ 59.95 per fish.

You Won’t  Find A Fresher Product Then Self Caught Halibut or Salmon.

So come visit us in Port McNeill North Vancouver Island for some all-inclusive world class guided fishing. Your fish will never be previously frozen siting in some freezer somewhere and it will be caught by you and your fishing party with the help of our amazing guide and Captain Steven Cahill. So come see us this year and get yours.

Port McNeill Fishing Charters

Join us on the North Coast of Vancouver Island Port McNeill & Port Hardy BC for our 2018 World Class Fully Guided Sports Fishing Season. US Guests Get approx. 20-25% OFF, Book Now! 1-855-805-3474 All Charters are in Canadian Funds.

We offer All-Inclusive Salmon fishing and Halibut Fishing and Fly Fishing Packages for Port McNeill Fishing, Port Hardy Fishing, Rivers Inlet , Winter Harbor and Quatsino Sound .

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